Jobs for Americans in Canada

Cementing job in CanadaWith the unemployment rate hitting all-time highs in the United States jobs for Americans in Canada are becoming more and more attractive to US citizens. Even though Canada’s population is only about one tenth of the United States they are consistently producing more new jobs at a higher rate than the US.

Construction Jobs for Americans in Canada

The United States and Canada have the largest trade relationship of any two countries in the world. In the construction industry Canada is lacking skilled construction workers. Construction jobs for Americans in Canada are in abundance. Canada is reaching out to the United States to fill these construction jobs in Canada.

Recent news reports of thousands of permanent and temporary jobs being created by the construction of an international bridge that will link Detroit and Windsor will have a huge impact on the entire North American automobile industry.

Canadian Employers looking at Jobs for Americans in Canada

Employers in Canada are lacking skilled labor. Canada is experiencing construction employment problems because of the increased demand and an aging population. They have to search beyond their traditional pools of talent. These employers are setting their sights on skilled Americans to immigrate to Canada to fill their shortage of employees.

Canadian Construction Employment

As building and construction jobs fall in the United States, Canada construction employment is seeing a surge to a record among energy investment, homebuilding, and public works projects. Canada’s construction employment was 7.42 percent of the Canadian workforce in April of 2012. This is the highest recorded record since 1975. In comparison the United States percentage of construction employment fell to the lowest percentage since 1946 – 4.18 percent.

Toronto and Vancouver are two Canadian cities where construction cranes are still prominent in the city’s skyline. They are one of the main focuses of the building boom in Canada that has been building for the last few years. There are roads, hospitals, office buildings, and sports stadiums being built in these areas.

Alberta Oil Sands for Jobs for Americans in Canada

The Alberta oil sands are also a place where Canadian construction employment is soaring. There are many oil sands companies in the Alberta, Canada region. Construction companies number in the thousands. There are a multitude of opportunities for jobs for Americans in Canada.

Alberta is located in Western Canada and it is a province that is rich in natural resources. It is an absolutely beautiful environment. The oil sands of Alberta are located mainly in three areas of the northeast section of Alberta.

Mining Jobs for Americans in Canada

Canadian mineral production is in the billions and can provide mining jobs for Americans in Canada. Canada ranks in the top five list of countries for the production of 12 metals and minerals. Canada also ranks first in the world in the production of uranium and potash, third in aluminum, platinum, and titanium. They rank fifth in zinc, diamonds, asbestos, salt, and molybdenum.

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